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The paper industry is tough for everyone in today’s economic climate. Rising costs and falling sales prices mean there is huge pressure to improve efficiencies and reduce waste. Consequently, optimising your process is vital to the success of your business. Trusted specialists in paper machine optimisation, Detech help companies get the best out of their machines, ensuring paper is of the highest quality and systems run smoothly at all times.

No other independant service provider in the UK can give you such a complete range of paper products and services – Detech are truly unique in this respect and pride themselves in providing the best products on the market at the best value. read more »»


  • Runtech supply 2 lightweight carbon fibre doctor beam assemblies for the top Hydrein rolls on UPM Caledonian Papers Super Calenders.

  • Procemex supply complete web monitoring system to UPM Shotton PM1



Reduce your energy costs

As costs and prices continue to rise and our environment becomes increasingly a concern to us all, how can you afford not to reduce your energy costs?

Improve your efficiency

Big savings and gains can be achieved through simple and often small changes to process and machine settings.

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